Several years ago a few Washington State business leaders wondered if there was a way of helping out the veterans that were falling through the cracks from other benefit programs. It was decided a non-profit organization was needed to help serve the veterans and their families in Washington State. Contact was made to a local bank where the idea of a Certificate of Deposit (CD) was thought of and representation from the Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs began and the Veterans Family Fund was born. The potential need is very great. In Washington State alone, there are over 600,000 veterans. Those that have served whether spending a career on active duty or a shorter tour on either the active duty or reserve force may find themselves in need of services for themselves and their families. The Veterans Family Fund of America is here as an added resource in such times.

The current Board of Directors is composed of volunteers where a majority are veterans themselves encompassing all branches of the armed services. A vast majority are also graduates of the Evergreen State College Business program where a founding member of the VFFA and professor Bob Macintosh was instrumental in recruiting them to be a part of this non-profit organization to help our local veterans. The vision of the board is that the need is greater than just the veterans of Washington State and are eager and motivated to increase the VFFA reach to all veterans in the United States.

The VFFA hopes that through continued networking and the use of social media, we can increase our reach through your donations and contributions. The more people involved the greater resource for the veterans who have proudly served our country in their time of need for themselves and their families can be given.

Please take a moment to look at our site and get involved whether through a donation or wanting to be a part of this organization to further help our veterans.

Thank you